Player Profile – Alan Dowdall

Name: Alan Dowdall

Team: Premier League Reserves

Nationality: Irish, born raised and slaughtered

Position: Centre Mid by trade, have been known to put my hand up to play anywhere once tracking back is optional.

Favourite Team: Irish football team are my true passion, Liverpool at times but they are like an unfaithful wife and also a season ticket holder for the famous Sydney FC

Profession: Human Trafficker aka IT Recruiter

How long at Loko?: This will be my 7th year

How did you end up at Loko: Gumtree thanks to the eternal student Nick Keys who has since departed for the USA. I turned up at Centennial Park one Saturday morning, seen a Celtic jersey (which belonged to Kevin Collins) so knew I was in the right place.

What do you like about the club?: It’s like one big family. Good times and bad times but ultimately everyone I know in the club cares about it.

Best player on your team and why: Justin Rees – I only wished his physique matched his intelligence.

Worst Trainer on your team: Never get stuck in a 5 a side game with Willy Crowley. He is usually late to training anyway but when he is not, he is best avoided

Best memory/game at the club: 1-0 win against Glebe a few seasons back. We had a makeshift team that included Steve Deamer upfront! We had no business winning as they were top of the league and by far the better team.

Funniest moment: Jamie Mckeen – Twice in one season… 1st – He seen Phil Neville eat an energy gel at half time, he then somehow found a sachet of Omo on the sideline and swallowed it. He had bubbles coming out of his mouth for about 15 mins 2nd – He went to Jellicoe Oval in Bankstown on a Wednesday night instead of Jellicoe Park. He clearly forgot we played in the Eastern Suburbs. He got back for half time and a lot of grief.

Hopes for the season/season: so far Finals football in both Prems & Reserves for the coming season. We have improved the overall quality in both and I hope the usual summer exodus doesn’t hit us too hard!

Invite any 3 footballers to dinner from any time, who would they be and why: Roy Keane, Xabi Alonso and Paul McShane. The first two for obvious reasons the last to find out how he robbed a living for years and I can use his secret to become an Agent.

The Football philosophy you live by: Get your arse to training, anyone who is still working at 7pm is a liar!


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