AA7 makes it 2 from 2 against Easts

Sunday didn’t start too well. Everyone was hurting from the day before and the mood wasn’t helped by the late withdrawals of Neil (slight back twinge) and Sash (common cold). Westy was also still slayed from his cold for a second day and things didn’t look great.

Any remaining positivity was soon swept away once people started arriving and it became clear that several players had gotten home at 6.30am after a trip to the Sly Fox. Matters were made even worse when Pearsey, the teams oldest man, started hobbling around like he was in his late 70s. What else could go wrong? Well the fact that the opposition had an average age of 18 certainly didn’t lift spirits.

The blustery conditions certainly made life hard on the pitch and there were early chances at both ends but neither team seemed able to find their rhythm. However, clearly intent on taking back his club golden boot award after losing it to Doyler last year, Faysal earned himself a penalty which was coolly converted.

Never really looking comfortable at 1-0 the 7As needed someone to step up to help take control of the game, and thankfully the Easts keeper did just that. Dotsy let loose with a shot from about 25 yards that was drifting wide, only for the Easts keeper to do a neat little flick off the back of his leg and into the goal!

The first yellow of the season was received just before halftime, when a breaking player was brought down by Rowdy who decided he just wasn’t chasing that one.

By the second half the previous night’s activities were clearly showing with Rowdy missing so many chances even the ref said “if it wasn’t for that player you would be 6-0 up”. Probably a touch unfair given most of us wouldn’t have even made them into chances but that’s football. Another new player, Ben, also managed to miss from about 2 yards (well maybe 6), so shooting practice this week!

Faysal soon added a third for a comfortable margin but Easts came back with a nicely worked goal. Mark was at full stretch for the shot, however it still comfortably squeezed under the crossbar …. He made up for this though with a great save towards the end when a shot across goal seemed destined for the corner.

Before there was any real sort of a fightback though, Faysal completed the perfect start to the season with his second hat trick in two days. There was a big (and probably valid) shout for offside, but Faysal ran 40 yards to round the keeper and put it away.

POM – Faz
Scorers – Faz (3), Dotsy
Yellow Cards – Rowdy
Fines collected – $21

AA7A Results
Date Venue   Opponent Result
11 Apr, 11:00 am H Lokomotiv Cove B 5 - 2
12 Apr, 1:00 pm A Easts FC 1 - 4
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